October 2017

It has been a busy few months working on this study! Since I started looking for people to interview in March 2017, there has been a great response. I have carried out 10 interviews with adults from all over Ireland who spent time in care as children about their educational experiences. I am incredibly grateful to those who have shared their stories so openly and willingly and am looking forward to speaking with more of you in the future!

Last month I presented the background to my research at the 9th International Foster Care Research Network Conference in Paris, so the word is spreading!

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I will be at the upcoming EPIC and IFCA conferences where recruitment flyers and study information will be available. Please come and say hello!

Finally, if you are interested in finding out more about this study or what it involves then please contact me. Please also feel free to share my contact information with any friends, family, and colleagues you think may be interested!

Thank you!